Marshfield Approves Article 12 Airport Improvements at Special Town Meeting

Thanks to more than 2/3 support at the October 24, 2011 meeting, Article 12 was approved by the Town of Marshfield in support of the Marshfield Airport safety improvements and Bass Creek dredging.  

Marshfield Airport Expansion?

Well no. It’s not so much an airport expansion than a proposed runway extension to bring the Marshfield Airport up to FAA safety regulations. The runway is only in fair condition, as the last time it was paved was around 1983. The service life of this type of runway is reportedly about 20 years. Once … Continue reading

Back to the First Solo Flight

first solo flying

Remembering back to a first solo, half a life ago.

What did the Marshfield Airport Look Like 62 Years Ago?

The Marshfield Airport in 1949 was just a grass strip with no formal taxiways. None of the homes along the airport’s entry road had been built (it was farmland, as you can see in the picture). There was a structure in roughly the same area as the current FBO building, but I’m not sure what … Continue reading

What did the Marshfield Airport Look Like 43 Years Ago?

Why, it looked like this, of course! You can see that the housing development along the airport road was not very old at all during the time this photo was taken. 3B2 (now GHG) wasn’t paved yet and was still a grass strip. It seems like there was a stronger connection with the farm next … Continue reading

What did the Marshfield Airport Look Like 15 Years Ago?

It seems like such a short time ago, but the airport has had a bit of a facelift since 1994. At least one large hangar has been added and the terminal has been renovated and expanded. The ramp has been expanded as well and certain amenities added, like power at some of the tiedowns. To … Continue reading

Marshfield Airport facts


The Marshfield Airport was acquired by the town in 1965 and has been an important part of the history of Marshfield, Massachusetts. It was where I was first employed and where I learned to fly, eventually soloing at 16 and getting my license a couple of years later. The airport has been an important part … Continue reading


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